As years go by, the aging process takes its toll on our skin.

The inner layer of skin, the dermis, becomes thinner as your body is not able to keep up with the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronate) loss which occurs with aging, sun damage, and environmental stressors.

Collagen and Hyaluronate are support structures for our skin. When diminished production occurs there is a net loss of these important components in our skin resulting in the occurrence of wrinkles and thinning lips.

Restylane is a purified natural form of hyaluronic acid which has been used worldwide since 1997 in hundreds of thousands of patients. Restylane was the first hyaluronic acid which Dr. Newman introduced to his practice and continues to be the most popular filler.

The lips, naslolabial grooves, marionette lines and facial wrinkles are all targets for treatment with Restlylane. Restylane is one of the safest fillers available and can be reversed if need be with an enzyme injection. The duration of effect with Restylane is far superior to prior experience with collagen based products such as Cosmoderm, Evolence, and Zyderm.

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