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Kybella (Double Chin Rx)

Dr. James Newman is pleased to introduce the non surgical injection of Kybella to reduce a double chin in patients with relatively good skin condition.  Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is an FDA approved medication which is injected under the skin of the chin over a series of 2-6 treatment appointments.  Deoxycholate is a naturally produced bile acid which breaks down fat.  The Kythera company has gone through rigorous clinical trials to get the product approved and it works well.

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Kybella as shown here is a clear liquid which is injected under the chin, the “submental area” with a small needle over the areas with the “pinchable fat” under the skin.  Dr. Newman has performed chin injections on over one hundred patients with good results.  He cautions however, that there are some side effects which need to be discussed as there can be some swelling, firmness and occasional difficulties with muscle movement in the area.

Dr. Newman will often combine the treatment of Kybella with the Exilis skin tightening device to produce a customized results.  Dr. Newman feels that some patients will opt for the nonsurgical treatment compared to minimally invasive liposculpting with smart lipo or vaser.  The major issue with the new treatment is the cost and number of treatment visits when you compare it to the gold standard of submental liposculpting.

To see if you are a candidate for the new Kybella treatment, visit our consult page and send in your photos.  You may also call Palo Alto, San Mateo or Half Moon Bay for a Kybella consultation.

The cost of Kybella treatments ranges from $2500-$4500 for a complete package.

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