Dysport is a neuromodulator which acts similarly to Botox but with different dosing.  It is produced in Europe and is used by Dr. Newman for patients with strong frown lines in the forehead and smile lines known as “Crow’s Feet” lines around the eye corners.  As with any neuromodulator, it has to be used carefully by and experienced physician who understands the proper dosing of Dysport as compared to Botox and other neuromodulators.  Dr. Newman and his trained nurses have over 15 years experience with the use of Dysport.

Before Dysport Administration

1 month after Dysport Administration

When used in bioequivalent doses, the price of all the neuromodulators are the same.  Dr. Newman points out to his patients that each neuromodulator is different and there are some situations where one type of medication may be preferred over another. A proper diagnosis and assessment of an individual’s muscle tone and frown vectors are factors which Dr. Newman takes into consideration when selecting the right neuromodulator for you.

Before Dysport Administration

1 Month after Dysport Administration