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Payment Info

Payment Info

W hat does facial plastic surgery cost?

A discussion of the cost is an important part of your consultation visit. Insurance companies do not cover procedures intended solely to provide an aesthetic benefit but they do cover reconstructive or functional nasal surgery. You are responsible for the cost of the aesthetic surgery and you will be given a fee quote at the time of your consultation. The fee is determined largely by the extent of the surgery and the type anesthesia used.

Consultation Visits

Consultation visits are $125 and payable at the time of your visit.  Your consultation fee may be applied to the cost of surgery.   We also offer computer imaging to help you understand the benefits of aesthetic surgery. The following range of costs for the most popular surgical procedures performed.

Eyelid Surgery $2,500+ Nasal Surgery $3,500+
Chin & Neck Surgery $2,500+ Facelift Surgery $7,000+
Hair Replacement Surgery $3,500+ Laser Skin Resurfacing $3,500+
Liposuction Surgery $3,500+  Mini Lifestyle Lift $6,500 – $7,500

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