Surgical Facilities

pic_operatingroomSurgical Facilities

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art surgical and recovery facilities.  Our office and surgical center are located in the modern Mills Medical Arts building with convenient covered parking.  Our operating room and recovery room is outfitted with the newest and most state-of-the-art anesthesia monitors. It is a fully accredited facility with its own back up power generators and meets the same standards of an operating suite located within a hospital. We utilize the most up to date medications to maximize comfort and minimize any post procedure discomfort. Our facility has one of the lowest incidences of post procedure discomfort / nausea in California.

For surgery, our surgeons utilize endoscopes and the most specialized hand crafted instruments made specifically for their needs. Our surgical facility is adjoined to Mills Health Center so that any needed emergency services or facilities are immediately available. 

Recovery Facilities

The recovery facility is also designed to maximize privacy and comfort. While most procedures are outpatient services, we have some patients who prefer over night facilities for convenience. The Recovery Inn at Mills Health Center is made available for our patients where a private suite and amenities are standard. The combination of these facts and staff commitment to excellence make for a first class experience for patients undergoing rejuvenation procedures.


Anesthesia for procedures at our center are performed under local anesthesia, IV anesthesia (also known as conscious sedation), and general anesthesia. The selection of the appropriate type of anesthesia for you is based on your medical history and preference in order to maximize safety, comfort and results. Safety is our number one priority and is reflected in several facts about our surgical center which distinguishes it from others on the peninsula. Personnel Facts: We have the highest trained personnel including our Board Certified (American Board of Anesthesia) anesthesiologist, Dr. David Glenn. Dr. Glenn also has special fellowship training in critical care anesthesia. Our nursing staff are all Registered Nurses and our surgeons are further trained in advanced cardiac life support. 

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